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Just Another Guy
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Pernah nggak sih kamu merasakan seperti itu? The man you always think that he’s something else. Yang terlihat istimewa dan begitu attractive di mata kamu, yang memberikan perhatian seolah kamu adalah Ratu dan Kembang dalam hidupnya, yang merindukan suaramu dan celotehan-celotehan nggak pentingmu… and all of the sudden you realize, that he’s just being nice? He’s just another guy, who simply acts like a super hero, but the only power he has is breaking your heart?

Dan apa yang kamu lakukan ketika itu terjadi; when you think that he’s a special someone?
Apa yang kamu rasakan ketika itu terjadi; when you lose all the confidence you have that maybe he has some sort of feelings for you?
And what name should you give to a man like him?
Heartbreaker? Sweet Lips? Or another typical of a guy that says he runs the world? *lebay? hmm… let it be…*

Buat saya, lelaki seperti itu…
adalah just another common guy, who came knocking into my life and broke my self defense.. (got to tell you, damn it sucks!)
adalah just another common guy, who thinks that he has captured me, like any other girls..

He’s just an ordinary guy,
yang saya pikir berbeda… tapi ternyata sama saja.

I know I fell for him, once.
I know I missed him, once.
I know I daydreamed of him, once.

But just that once.
Karena sekarang…
he is no longer something.
He is just..
another guy.
Dan tidak akan menjadi siapa-siapa…… period.

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Published writer (or used to be, darn!). A wife. A mom. A friend that you can always count on.


2 thoughts on “Just Another Guy

  1. Ya, asal ga men-generalisasikan semua cowo2 (^ _ ^)v

    Posted by Shun | December 30, 2008, 3:31 pm
  2. Reblogged this on Ajeng Rizki.

    Posted by Ajeng Rizki | June 25, 2016, 5:27 pm

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