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Ketika Keponakan Berpuisi

Saya memang sudah menulis sejak usia sebelas tahun, sehingga dengan GR-nya, sampai hari ini, saya selalu menganggap kalau “writing is always the passion of my life” atau “writing is running in my blood“. Ya, tiada hari yang terlewati tanpa menulis. Dari sekedar catatan kecil-kecilan, coretan-coretan di kertas, atau menulis serius di laptop. Mulai essay sampai puisi. Mulai quote sampai curahan hati. Kecuali menulis skripsi dan tesis, saya menulis apa saja! πŸ™‚ Continue reading

…pacar? will you hear me out, please? (a late nite poem)

just a single kiss in the lips before saying good bye, thenΒ  you waved your farewell
and it was the juiciest lips ever touched mine,
and it was the most intimate hours ever spent.

even the stars stop twinkling high above…
they just loved to watch, to see me.. and you…
right under the moon light and far from the spot of any lights
when we looked at each other with hopes lie in our eyes,
when we held on each other with feelings of “I Don’t Wanna Let You Go”
then the wind blew our skins and delivered the chills… that made us holding much longer… longer.. and longer.

There, in our silences… you held my hands
I heard you saying… I love you
And you heard me saying all the same thing…
and when you walked by and left your foot prints in front of my door,
I knew, I didn’t want to see you leave….
I knew, a part of my heart said this, over and over again..
“Will he come back and collect all the pieces?”
and this..
“Will he hold my hands then say, sorry our time has come and there’s no longer a place for us in the nearest future”
….when we should let go all the crazy but beautiful feelings we have right now…
….when I just realize that your touch is more than just some crazy old intimacy, but it’s a need?
My need to have you around.
My need to have you close.
My need to have you, till I’ll lose all my senses…

so here..
here I am.
In the cold room with an empty heart.
After having myself torturing my own heart with the sharpest blade called reality,
I’m done with all my useless feelings which lately been hanging around my thoughts like damn parasites.
I’m done being the stupid and bitchy girlfriend that always yells but begs for mercy.

Because this night…
when I’m desperately missing you,
I know… you’re the best part of my life that I could never let go.

(love you, Pacar. I really do)

Catatan Harian

October 2021

Celotehan Lala Purwono