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Hey, Dad!

Daddy and Me

Daddy and Me

Hey, Dad!

It’s your (not so) little girl, Lala. And I am missing you like too much.

Today is your birthday. You are supposed to be here, celebrate this beautiful day with us; your daughters, sons, and the grandkids. You are supposed to be here and blow the birthday candle with us. Cut the birthday cake, spoon it to your little baby grand daughter and son, and kiss them gently in the forehead. What a perfect birthday, ah Dad?

But, life is not perfect, isn’t it?

You are not here. You are no longer here.

You are now spending the rest of your times in Heaven while I am still here; saving all the good deeds as a one way ticket to your place someday.

You’re in heaven.

I’m in too far from heaven.

Life is never perfect. It is just beautiful, sometimes. Messy, most of the times. But every moment we have shared for 30 years of my life been unforgetable. I won’t replace them for anything, except that guaranteed one way ticket to heaven so I can be with you and spend the rest of our waiting days together.


Since we are now too far apart, let me just send you the prayers. Wish we could be together someday with the rest of our family. Celebrate not just your birthday, but any ordinary days together.

I love you, Dad.

I miss you so much.

Take care. And I’ll see you again, someday.

Or I’ll see you again… any minute now, in my dream.

*peluk cium*

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