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Blings of My Novels, Novelet Bersambung: Mei & June

mei and june (5)

My love waits there
In San Franciso
Upon the blue and windy sea
When I’ll come home to you, San Francisco?
Your golden sun will shine on me

Dear the love of my life: Mei

Hundreds of time I’ve traveled to find the one that will complete my puzzle. I thought I’ve found one, but then I realized, she wasn’t the missing puzzle that I’ve been searching for in my whole life.
Until I found you.
The girl that I didn’t notice until the day she waved goodbye. Until she said she had to go… fly away… and never see me again.
That time I knew…
And I believe… it’s you.
I love you, Mei.
I know it’s too late… but better late, than never…
And I promise, I’ll see you soon ^_^

I’m gonna miss you… so fucking much…
Yours, Matt

Di atas pesawat Eva Air yang membumbung tinggi ribuan kaki dari daratan, Mei memasukkan surat dari Matt ke dalam tasnya.

Oh Matt…
Andai Sybill bukan perempuan baik-baik…
Pasti aku akan nekat mencurimu dari pelukannya dan kubawa kamu pulang selama-lamanya…

to be continued

Mei and June (6)


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Published writer (or used to be, darn!). A wife. A mom. A friend that you can always count on.


3 thoughts on “mei and june (5)

  1. ditunggu ya lanjutannya 🙂

    …. tapi yang sabar ya? 🙂 salam kenal…

    Posted by hanggadamai | April 9, 2008, 11:07 am
  2. jek…..kok aku klik mei n june (6) yg muncul mnj (5) lagi, lagi, lagi, lagi…..gemana ceh……
    aku kan mau copy ke word, print, cari penerbit, trus terbitin duluan.
    perbaiki yeh.
    aku males mau cari2dari sekian BUANYAKnya blog lo yg judulnya berMUACAMMUACAM

    🙂 Lilyana

    Posted by lily | June 19, 2008, 10:08 pm


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